Deluxe Shinobi Koma for Nagauta

Hey all, I typically only get the chance to practice my Shamisen in the dead of night, and while the basic Plastic Shinobi Koma is great for strings, it isn’t helpful when playing with the Bachi, so I’ve mostly been playing without it. I’ve been eyeing the Deluxe Shinobi Koma and while I want to buy it, I wanted to ask if it’s for Tsugaru Shamisen only, and/or if it can be adjusted for a Nagauta Dou, if not, is there a way DIY one from easy to find materials?

i have one, and it’s definitely tsugaru sized. the length isnt adjustable unfortunately. i suppose it could be trimmed down with the right equipment, since it has a metal backplate to sit on the skin, but the koma seems like it was designed specifically for a tsugaru dou. for what its worth, i do like it though. when i want to play at night, it dont have to worry about waking anyone up.

I see, good to know at least for when I do get a Tsugaru. I’ll see about DIY’ing one until then, thanks for the info!


I think this link will be of interest to you

If the product hasn’t changed over the years (the shamisen didn’t, apparently), then it should work. Read the old thread: Review: Shinobi Koma Deluxe