Discord Server?

Just wondering: is there a reason there isn’t a Discord server for the Bachido community yet? As far as I can tell, there’s no Discord servers specifically for learning traditional japanese music at all, much less for shamisen in particular. As Discord is both easier to access from many devices and lets people chat in real-time, it might be a good supplemental option for the forums here. People could also stream lessons or practice, as well as have community voice chats and such. Just a thought, wanted to know what the community thought of the idea.


I think that is a great idea +1 on having a Discord!!! :smiley:

I’d defenitly join a bachido discord

Great idea. :smiley:

Fantastic idea! This website is certainly still tremendously useful in the information department, but as far as quick communication goes amongst shamisen enthusiasts, a discord server would be much more convenient. I would be honored to volunteer and create one as I’ve got some experience running discord servers, perhaps I’ll ask the founder Kyle! (plus I’ve got many questions of my own as a soon-to-be first time buyer :laughing:)


I would also definitely join if one gets made!

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I see not much response on this and i think is a great idea, so do you think you can create it? and start inviting people? or should we wait for Kyle, to see what he thinks? :3

I’m down for it if you guys are! I’m such a luddite though. I’ve heeeeard of Discord but have been so lazy to ever check it out. :sweat_smile: That all being said, I would be humbly grateful for Toti to help set it up!

On a similar note, progress has just begun on fully redesigning the Bachido website (by a professional designer who started his shamisen journey and offered his services, so it also is being led by someone in the community :slight_smile: )! I suppose it’d be possible to link up a Discord server to the main site?


Awesome news, both about the website and Discord.
I can’t wait to see the new design!

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I’d love to help put it together and moderate it too! And yeah, you could pop a link to the Discord onto the main site so that it’s all connected. :slight_smile:


No one was creating the Discord server so i created one

But please need help on this because im not good at it :smiley:

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The Discord server is great so far! Thanks for making it!

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Glad to know people are enjoying it!

Also: if you’re unable to see anything or post anything, you need to make sure you click that green checkmark in the rules-and-roles channel! Helps make sure everyone reads the rules and keeps bots out. :slight_smile:

Any chance you can set an invite link that doesn’t have an expiration? Just tried the link and I got the “Link has expired” error message.

When you go to share the link in Discord, you have the option to set an expiration date, or none at all.

Would love to join…



Here you go!