Do I have small hands or?

Hi I would like to ask if I’m doing something wrong if I can’t reach 4th place from 3rd one without moving my hand or do I just have small hands
In the 1st tutorial, Kyle can press 4th right after pressing 3rd spot without moving his hand

Either you have not played enough for your fingers to be flexible yet (maybe you aren’t positioning your hand to get the maximum reach between 3 and 4)…
Or just like you said you might have a small hand :sweat_smile:

Hi Mio!

As Shamanth says, it could just need more time for the fingers to get more flexible. Sometimes it takes a while for the hand and fingers to get comfortable with a wider stretch.
Also, it is fine to move your hand if you have to. :slight_smile: You can also use your pinky as well! I can’t reach the ‘6’ and ‘9’ positions in one place, so often I’ll use my pinky to reach. (Either that, or move my hand quickly)

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I have small hands . I bought a used shamisen with slightly smaller neck - it had previously used by woman Tsugaru player. Not so easy to find but there out there