DRUM TAO (yes, there's shamisen!)

If you’re looking for entertainment during the global “shelter in place” DRUM TAO live-streamed their last North American show (the remainder of the tour was canceled) at the McAninch Arts Center at College of DuPage and it’s available on Facebook: DRUM TAO 2020

It’s primarily for lovers of taiko drumming, with a good bit of shinobue and shamisen for added entertainment. :heart_eyes::musical_note:

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I’m going to bump this since Drum TAO is now doing a YT project, releasing live works every few days. Day one did not feature shamisen but they’re probably going to do this throughout April so we may see some shamisen playing yet.

Today’s upload has lots of shamisen. :grin:

Also found this random, shamisen-centric video on YT:

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