Dulcimer tab


Hi all. I have been quietly enjoying my Catherine Thompson made shamisen. I absolutely love it. Interestingly I have learned that I prefer to play finger style, and to play slow, quiet, mournful music.

Initially I had it tuned CEA, so that I could use my ukulele knowledge. But lately I have been playing it tuned be BEB as this seems like a more traditional tuning.

I was wondering if anyone has used dulcimer tab. I may have asked this already, but it seems like a no-brainer. Just curious. Most of what I find myself drawn to playing is old time music… including a very depressing version of Angeline the baker :slight_smile:


It could be really, really, really fun!


as in mountain dulcimer i take it?
thought had crossed my mind years ago but not sure how it would translate (not being a player of it)