Ebay shamisen question


Why does this look like $500+ models but is incredibly cheap? The seller has sold other models in the past with good reviews, but I’m super suspicious. I’m asking the seller a lot of questions but I thought I would get the low-down from you guys first.

I’m looking for a cheap beginner’s set. I was in the range of $350-600 (used ones, nagauta, chuuzao, and tsugaru too), when this suddenly popped up.



Honestly, it looks somewhat like a hoax to me at first, but the seller has a 100% positive rate. And usually I believe in the good side of people, especially japanese people.

If you look at this offer http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tsugaru-Shamisen-Sangen-Patent-High-Technology-Professional-ST1-Traditional-JP/162490550949

You can see it hast the same description, the same pictures etc.
But that exact shamisen is shown in some other webshops too. (kameya and katoh for instance have it listed as beginners shamisen, but for way more money.) But these are stockphotos I guess.

It’s a difficult decision and I would just go for it, or pay 600 and play it safe. If anything goes wrong, the seller or ebay have to give you a refund, depending on where you live.


DARN!!! It was mispriced and has been corrected so now it’s the same price as the others.


Calisto, we live on the same island! Also, someone on craigslist on Oahu has been restoring some shamisen and selling them, you might want to take a look.


Yes! I have been tracking those ads too. When I get home I will look at them in person. I’m away right now for school and stuff but I should be back next month. It’s nice to meet another Oahu resident!