Ladies and Gentlemen…


Check out the photo gallery on the Eclipse page!


Considering there is now both ripple and fibersen, will there be a comparison and explanation coming up soon regarding the differences?


Good idea! Things are super crazy now, but when things settle after ShamiCamp, I’ll make a comparison recording. :slight_smile:

Note, Ripple will probably be limited to just these 10 Eclipse, because there is a lot more involved to getting it skinned with Ripple (supplier/connection-wise)


Yes yes, but thinking long term here! Not all cars had air conditioning in the beginning!


can’t get a grip on this seemingly very deep texture of this Ripple skin as opposed to the usual flat smooth surface of a skin . . . anyway looks cool everything and also cool images and overall ‘campaign’ earlier on facebook :slight_smile:


I’ve been following the teaser pics on Instagram and it’s nice to see the whole shamisen revealed. That’s a beautiful instrument, and I’m actually really surprised it’s only $2000! I mean, there’s one in the store here for $3700. If I had a couple grand lying around, I’d jump on this for sure!

I’m also interested in Ripple. I want a kokyu skinned with that stuff!

I’m also interested to know more about the koma. What’s the availability of the ones with the middle support? I don’t see them in the store.


Hey Kyle! Glad you like it! You’re right, if it was in Japan, it would certainly sell for twice as much. As you know, my goal is to try to make the shamisen world a more accessible place, and so have the price set more reasonably.

As for Ripple’d Kokyu, it already has! :slight_smile: -

Ah, I got the three pillared (as I call it) koma in Japan several years ago. But there’s no real sound/strength difference.


Ooooh, I want that kokyu! すごい!


How does postage fit into the price? (to Japan).


Hi Luke! Because the Eclipse is made in Japan, I believe shipping is only 1500 yen or so. Because only international shipping is listed (can only list one shipping option with the paypal thing), I can refund the difference to your Paypal account. :slight_smile:



I finally found myself with some cash in the bank… and its sold out TT any chance this shamisen will come back Kyle? or is the run over for good?


Hey Luke! I’ll send you a message too! :slight_smile: