Eine kleine Nachtmusik on shamisen

This is the video I posted on Youtube before.
There are not so many music scores for shamisen, so I used a flute choir score instead. It’s a bit funny, but anyway I make use of everything I can.


すごい! さすがイタシャミさんだよ!
Love your channel, keep it up :smiley:

Thank you so much!!

I’m really impressed! This song is really cool
But what song is this… Eine kleine Nachtmusik? Like… German?

Yes! This is the serenade composed by Mozart.

Oh wow! Mozart… I miss you! So much time went by since I finished a Mozart piece… ahahahah!


This is awesome! I love Mozart’s music and the fact it is on the Shamisen makes it even better! Thats two things I love combined! Keep up the good covers :slight_smile: