Empty Shamisen Tab template?


does anyone have an empty Shamisen Tab Template as PDF to print out and write your own scores? :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey! Did you ever get a response from anyone? I really would like to have an empty template as well. I know we’re not supposed to post notation but can anyone post a blank sheet?

You might want to check out this thread: transcribing music to shamisen notation- tips wanted

Here is another good thread on using an app to write shamisen tabs: Making Tsugaru notation with LilyPond

There is some good information and links to various apps that you can use. It is a bit old so I am not sure if all of the apps/links still work. Good luck!

I know exactly how to do this! Unfortunately, we’ve just moved house and I can’t get to my computer. Remind me in a few days and I’ll make a blank PDF and put it on shamisen.space.

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Done! You can now find a blank tablature PDF on shamisen.space.

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Thanks, Paul! I don’t think I’m up to writing music yet but this will be great down the road.