Esmer heitakengi


I would looooooooooooooooove to do an experiment with anyone who could collaborate with me. I learned a Kurdish folk song called esmer heitakengi, an ancient Kurdish song but if you search on YouTube you find a modern version, but yeah don’t worry. I know it isn’t Japanese, but I would like to experiment a vocals/shamisen (I think tsugaru is better) to do something different… I’ll post my vocals later in a link, MP3 file


Also I would like to add something. If someone has some vocal lines samples of minyo, for example, could be fine since we’re trying to do something innovative, since they (the Kurdish musicians) asked me if someone has something


I encourage people to mix the shamisen with other musics around the world. The results are usually quite pleasing.


It’ll be amazing anyway! I wonder why anyone read it…


Anyone who could contribute?