Expected life of 'Tokyo Wagakki' products in the store

Hey all

I was wondering about how long will the two main Tokyo Wagakki Shamisen (Akatsuki, Raven) will be available in the shop. Between the two I favor the Akatsuki more, though it will take me longer to save up to purchase compared to the Raven. I’ve calculated my finances and plan on buying it in August. Though due to unfortunate events with Covid I know Tokyo Wagakki has been struggling and came close to shutting down. Is Tokyo Wagakki substantiated enough where their products will still be available in August you think?

I second this. I want to get the Raven, but my current financial status is hindering that. Maybe we can get Kyle in on this?

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I’ve ordered one recently and I asked about the situation. Kyle said, they should be able to at least make it through this year. They got a lot of donations last year and are working on a rework of structure and social media presence, as far as I can tell. They are also looking for someone to take over the business! :slight_smile:

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Oh, really? That’s great! Hopefully I can pull together enough money for it. Thank you so much for the help. :cherry_blossom:

That’s great! hopefully that social media presence will boost their recognition :()

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