FInal Fantasy Shamisen (Yoshitako Amano) and Odd Question of Building Cardboard Shamisen

  1. FInal Fantasy Shamisen:

I have my own graphic designs, but thought there might be to embellish a cool toy shamisen for fun…anyway I found Y.Amano-san (illustrater of many beautiful manga), has designed a “Final Fantasy” style shamisen.

  1. Building a Shamisen out of cardboard workshop outline:

Is there others here who have done a cardboard model Shamisen?

So a Semi-Final Fantasy for me would be to pick up a great instrument and do a workshop to build a cardboard shamisen as model, allowing me to go home and destroy old boxes until I create a usable by the dozen…

Well Kyle, I would book a Shamisen Camp reservation post haste or travel over the hill (long work hours even if local) if you would be able to do a Shamicamp to Build Your Own out of cardboard!

Hopefully this is fun inspiration…



Hey there.

The cardboard shamisen and similar, cheaper alternatives to traditional shamisen aren’t uncommon. Not counting the archetypal cigarbox guitar or kankarajamisen, the first cardboard shamisen that I encountered actually originated in my area - the Shabo.

Billed as an Omiyage/Souvenir Shamisen in the local papers, a few subtypes have been released. Most recently the Shabo Premier which includes the round sided dou we’re all familiar with.

For a period of time, the bachido store also carried the Shabo and its affiliated products.



I :heart: Amano’s work .A playable version would be awesome though I think that would require moving the artwork to the dou.


Thank you for the comments…I was thinking and also agree that it would be easier to have a decorative Dou.

Thanks also for commentary on cigarbox and novelty shamisens…I think my delight in an Amano style art or my own designs or even Kubo 2 Strings is better suited to fabric covers and bags…easier to change…