Finding alot of cool stuff


As I said last fee days i have been digging in the shamisen world. Just now i found this site:
Besides these doukake they also sell different coloured faux bekkou bachi. I wonder if somoene else found them and had any dealings with them?


Wow! It’s like a giant shamisen toy store! Thanks for sharing!


Also found this Just now:しゃみ小町(お土産三味線)販売のお知らせ/


And some more stuff


Oh hey, I didn’t know Ripple had a website. Neat!

Those small “souvenir” shamisen are nice looking, but really expensive! Bright, clear sound though.


Couple of second hand (tsugaru) shamisen for 30000 yen


I am spending wat to much time surfing the web for shamisen goodies



Just a heads up - but I’m pretty sure neither of those are Tsugaru.

The first is listed as a chuuzao, the second is undescribed, but has a nagauta style hatomune.

It is possible that the first is a chuuzao go-bu-dai, or that it’s on the thinner end of the fuutozao spectrum and thus mislabeled… but it looks more like a nicer Jiuta or Min’yo to me. Still a nice instrument, though, tears on both skins means repairs would suuuuuuck.


Wasn’t sure of it either so thats why i put tsugaru in brackets. Thank you for the heads up.


I have no idea why bachi cases are so outrageously expensive so I am just going to throw this out there. I use a hard case for large sunglasses as a bachi case. Cheap, works great.


i bought a tool case, ripped the insides out and roughly holes in a big piece of foam to make it fit my shamisen. i didn’t want to buy a expensive one online.


You know what’s sad? The fact i don’t have a creditcard, because it isn’t at al Common to have one here.

Different colored sao


Lol Mark, I’ve been doing the same since its so hard to find anything here in the US too.

In case you or anyone else needs it, I’ve used the proxy service Tokyo Buyers twice now and they are very good. Other proxy services insist that you make the order yourself and have it shipped to them … this can be tough if you don’t read Japanese and google translate can only go so far. These guys will put in the order for you and even ask questions for you …

I got a Hatoiki sorta-kimono ordered through them and a bunch of shamisen stuffs from shamisen-katoh on its way. (Actually shamisen-katoh ships to the U.S. but I just could not figure out the order form and they email very slow.)


Ten bucks on Amazon.