[Fixed] Website bug

Hello All

Is it just me or the website behaves differently or something changed in the site design.
As an example, as you open the message it shortly showed blue and fades away to white.
This renders reply buttons and all frame elements invisible. So I do not see some elements but the links still working.

It’s been this way for me for at least a week. At first I thought it was my browser, but then I realized the ‘invisibility’ was also an issue on my mobile.

So seems like some changes done to the website design after all

I wonder if the website/forum guy is aware the icons have all gone missing? Hey @Kyle_Abbott!

Oh whoops! That’s very curious. I have a feeling this is a problem with the Discourse service we use for the community, but I’d guess they would’ve fixed it by now. @Luke, any thoughts?

This is a very strange bug. The SVG icons for the buttons are all being rendered white, and thus invisible against the white background. But when I inspect the element with Chrome’s DevTools, I can see no reason for this; their color is not set to white, and I can’t set any CSS overrides to make it anything but white. I’m totally stumped.

I just updated Discourse here, and moved it from the default “beta” track to the “stable releases” track so that updates will not have to happen as frequently. But it had no effect on this issue.

Also strange: I administer another Discourse forum that’s running the same version, and this bug is not present.

Perhaps it’s a plugin issue. I’ll look into that next…

I fixed it! :grin:

It was a bad CSS rule. Very strange that it didn’t show up in DevTools, but I found it and fixed it.


Thank you!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: