Flamenco guitar by Catherine Thompson


Hello Bachido buddies

This is a little off the shamisen path as it concerns a flamenco guitar, but I thought I might be allowed to do a show and tell as I am known here as a shamisen maker. I guess I’m asking for your kind indulgence here.

I’ve been making instruments for quite a long time and over the last number of years have focused on tsugaru shamisen and kora. I’m now also making guitars, focusing on flamenco and classical instruments.

I have a a lovely instrument sitting in my northern Thai forest home at the moment, it’s a flamenco, spruce top, red mountain cedar back and sides which puts it in the flamenco blanca category I would say. I won’t go into it too much here, but if you’l like to have a look and listen to the instrument and see more details, it can be seen/heard at https://musicforestinstruments.wordpress.com/flamenco-and-classical-guitar/

Sounds great, plays super sweet and fast. Thanks for having a look!