Flamenco Guitar


Hello bachi lovelies
Some of you might know me as a shamisen and kora maker. I’m also making guitars now too. Flamencos mostly but likely will include classical guitars in the near-ish future.
I hope this isn’t breaking any rules, but I thought that I’d put up a notice of my most recent piece. It is a Flamenco Blanca made with Red Mountain Cedar back and sides, and with an Engelmann Spruce top. It’s a really lovely instrument and I’m super proud of it. If anyone would like to have a look, I’ve posted it on my page - https://musicforestinstruments.wordpress.com

And here is a short video of me with it just having put strings on it.

Hope this finds everyone happy and well and playing lots of shamisen!



Hi Catherine. As a flamenco guitar’s maniac and a happy owner of a magic Conde Hermanos blanca, I can only be touched by such a nice work ! Yours seems incredibly light. And what a beautiful traditional headstock ! Congratulations !


Hi Patrick
How wonderful! re the Hermanos.
Thanks for the kind words. It is very light indeed.
Also, re the headstock, thanks especially for that. I also thought it traditional and also referencing a bit of the islamic roots of the guitar (if I have that right) but my friend Soocheang here in Thailand was especially struck by the Thai influence on the shape. Now I think it was an amalgamation. These Thai shapes are all around me here and it feels as though I take it a bit for granted at times but clearly it is sinking in.
Cheers, thanks and all the best


Gadzooks, that’s beautiful.

I’ll pass this along to a guitar playing friend of mine.


Thanks Christopher!


Great work!

I have a kora. I got it in tune once, would like to put pegs or tuners in it at some point.


Thanks Pete!
if you’d like some help with the traditional tuning method please let me know. If everything is fitted well it is actually a very accurate tuning method, not to mention beautiful in it’s simplicity and tradition. I made one kora with viola pegs and I would say that the rings are better. I can tune my kora if it’s just a little off from not playing for a few days in about 5 minutes.
Mind you, tuning machines would definitely be easier and of course accurate. The only down side (though it wouldn’t be so I think for most people I suppose) is that the strings are then fixed in length. With the braided rawhide strips you can adjust string length for particular pitches. That’s pretty kora-geeky though. I’ve heard African players talk about this aspect with a certain sense of importance.

Actually now that I write this… I have some tuning videos that might be of some help on my YT page.


if you scroll down a ways, you’ll find some videos.