Flexibility of Premium Acrylic Bachi

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I’ve read these forums for quite a while but this is my first post.

I was wondering how the flexibility of the Bachido premium acrylic bachi compares to the faux bekkou bachi. The clear/colored acrylic bachi on the same page as the bekkou bachi show a flexibility rating of 9 (very stiff), but the premium bachi (with the wood handle scales and replaceable blade) has two variants, the thinner of which is described as very similar to bekkou. This premium acrylic bachi page doesn’t have the numeric flexibility ratings that the generic bachi page has, so I was wondering if anybody has any experience with them and has an opinion as to where they would fall on that scale.

I’m on the fence between one of the premium acrylic bachi and the faux bekkou. I currently use a wooden bachi which is somewhat flexible, but want to try something with a bit more snap to it.


Hello! I actually ordered the premium bachi a month or so. I’m waiting for it to arrive so I don’t have any review on it yet but I had asked the same question. I was told the premium acrylic bachi’s flexibility rating is about a 4 on Bachido’s scale. Hope that helps!

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Hi, I can’t say anything about the Faux Bekkou, but I own one of the Premium Acrylics with 1.6 mm thickness.
It has a pretty good flex, doesn’t feel stiff at all. It’s very lightweight which overall let’s me play much longer without my hand getting tired. Since the blade is flat and not curving into the handle, it needs a little while to get used to, but it’s not really a big deal.

If someone owns the Faux Bekkou, I’d also be really interested how heavy it is and how it feels! :grin:

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Hey, thanks for the reply.

I had actually seen someone else state that it was around a 4 on that scale, so a few weeks ago I went ahead and ordered one of the premium acrylic bachi. Went with padauk wood, red ogi blade.

What wood/blade colors did you two go with?

Speak of the devil, my bachi has arrived just in time for my birthday! Hurrah!

I’m upgrading from a plastic beginners bachi so I can’t compare to a bekkou bachi.

The biggest different for me was the weight. The premium acrylic is significantly lighter. I daresay the first couple hours was hard because I was overly tense on wielding such a light bachi. Hand cramps for different reasons. It is much more easy to use though and is smaller in size. The flexibility is also significantly better. The plastic ones have little to no flexibility. For this reason, strumming also takes more effort to yield the same sound.

I’ve only used it a couple days now but I’ll update if I note anything else. Hope yours comes soon!

The one I ordered is a redwood handle with opaque white ogi blade. I would love to one day get a tsugaru shamisen that has the same colour dou as this bachi. So beautiful… :sob:

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Nice! It would be cool to see pictures of it if you get the chance, it sounds very pretty.