Found 2nd hand, what style is this Shamisen?

Just found this used. It’s my first shamisen so please be kind and patient!
I’d like to know what style it is, so as to replace the missing bachi and koma with the correct type.
It is 38 inches long total and has a 3 piece neck. all the wood is beautiful and solid, the skins and missing parts are the only issues I can see. Hoping it’s a good beginner quality!
I googled the Japanese writing trying to find out any info;
“URAWA” seems to be printed or stuck to most every part. Maybe a family name?
“Asakusa” maybe the place where it was built or sold?
Is there anything else an experienced eye can see and inform?
New user here so only 1 picture allowed

Hi there, welcome. It is generally very difficult to class shamisen without measuring them carefully.

You generally want to measure the neck (just under the chibukuro, which is the round part where the neck meets the head) to determine neck type, the overall length (footprint, from tip of nakagosaki to curved edge of the head), and the length and width of the resonator (body). When measuring the resonator, you do so at the center point and count only the flat top (or bottom). You basically only measure the strikable area!

It is very likely that you have either a nagauta or jiuta shamisen based on the sawari (and hatomune) - but I can’t say more without better dimensional data.

If you wish to link me to the previous listing you bought it from, I might be able to deduce a better answer. Until then, take a look at the following:

Here is a link to my ongoing labor to collect data on shamisen. It includes some information on dimension and characteristics.


Thanks for the reply, I’m out of town for a few days, so I’ll have to do some more measuring when I get back . I do remember that the face of the neck is 1 inch wide all down it’s length. The seller didn’t have any info on it at all, so they can’t help. I got it very cheap, btw. I’ll try to add some picts in the reply, if the system will let me. Then get back to you In a few days with measurements. Thank you so much.