Glue for tenjin


Hi everyone,
My 9 year-old let his shamisen case tip over and when we opened the case the tenjin had separated from the sao. I’ve removed as much glue as possible and am getting ready to glue back together. I’m thinking of using Elmer’s wood glue because that’s what I have. Is that ok or should I be looking to use something else? I’m sure there’s some specially glue that they use in Japan but of course the shamisen needs to be repaired ASAP (concert in 3 weeks). We do have a Rockler so if there is an American product I could probably get it.

Tyler M.
Seattle, WA


OK. It occurred to me to search through previous posts and it looks like wood glue should do the trick. I’ve scrapped off as much glue as possible and am just waiting to gather the courage to glue the pieces together.


I had to glue the other end of the sao just a couple of weeks ago and used Titebond II wood glue. Worked great and everything is holding up well. Just make sure to give the surfaces that you are going to glue together a light sanding so you can get a good, clean bond.


Thanks Chris,
I went with the Elmer’s wood glue and it seems to be holding up.

The other problem I’m having is that zagane (peg sleeves) are not staying in place and causing the pegs to slip.

Tyler M


I have a similar problem with the metal sleeve on the bottom end of the sao (there’s probably a name for this, but I don’t know what it is) being loose. Luckily it doesn’t really cause any issues since it’s held in place by the dou itself.

I don’t know what to use to glue metal to wood. Sorry. Maybe someone else here can help out.


this hurts me really bad… :sob:


I hope this eases the pain. Glued and working just like before.