Grip wax for the Bachi


Hi all!

Just wanted to share (if it isn’t already a thing everyone does - in which case sorry) about using a teensy bit of the high grip wax that is sold for use on drumsticks on the bachi!

I was struggling with slippery bachi syndrome especially during long play sessions due to sweaty fingers, but a small amount of this stuff on the Bachi handle has meant that I can now play for hours without having to tense up my grip - it doesn’t appear to damage the grip either though is a bit of a bugger to remove (I guess that’s kind of the intention though)

It seems to help with my wrist strain as well - I guess most of the stress before came from an increasingly tight grip to stop the blade from slipping…

It also means I dont need to use anything wrapped around the grip and it looks unaltered - I know that there are black rubber things that you can slide onto the grip, but I really dont like the aesthetic they create.

I use “sex wax” which I believe is a Californian product originally for surfboards? - but the version sold for drummers.

Has anyone had success with this? Or any other top tips for a better bachi grip?



Sounds interesting. Where do you buy this?


Just at the local music store - among the drummers accesories