Guitar Atlas Japan and Children's Shamisen guide

Hello All

Kyles book is great and I have some small ability to figure out guitar and Shami lute tabs and notations. But work and family and need to exercise and teach part time hampers my seated practice. I am going to see if kids resources will assist me to recover a little more ease.

On Amazon it is Guitar Atlas Japan and Lets Play Shamisen.

Kamigata Shamisen of Japan

As an explanation my training or upbringing was never instrumental so doing music or dance takes me a long time to fold in a work and study schedule…but hopes as things improve and family stabilizes I will pick a bit and tune the beautiful Shamibuddy and my ancestry happy lute delights…hopefully later I will also rescue the whiny sweetness of grandpas biwa before that legendary ghostly summer story they begin playing themselves…grandpa did play well but his biwa singing was traditional…that is not happy Shamisen obon songs!

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