Hello everyone, I'm new. Suggestions on what to buy?

I want to purchase a Shamisen, I’m looking at the beginners one but not sure what else everyone suggests I buy before I decide to buy it.
Could anyone give me any suggestions?


If this is your first shamisen, the beginners shamisen is the perfect choice! As low priced as it may seem, it is nothing short of quality. I personally own a ShamiBuddy, but those seem to be out of stock for now! The ShamiBuddy is also a perfect choice for a first shamisen. I’ve heard rumors that it may be starting back up in production!

If you’re experienced with a shamisen, I’d recommend the Raven. With the Sakura being out of stock, the Raven is almost exactly the same. You can check out the store links to read more!

The Akatsuki is a very expensive, high range shamisen. I do not know what your budget is, but I would probably wait to invest in a more expensive model. Unless ya really want it, then I can’t stop you!

Due to the pandemic, Bachido is experiencing lower choice options. The Beginners Shamisen, the Raven, and the Akatsuki are the only ones available besides chuko (secondhand shamisen.) There’s a tab for chuko in the store too!

I’d choose the Beginners shamisen. Both for budget, and to see if you really like it! Then I’d move up to a more expensive option. I’m personally getting ready to purchase a Raven myself. Have fun picking out your shamisen. The right choice will come to you, and whatever you choose, it’s sure to be wonderful.


Thank you very much!

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Of course! I hope it helps you on your journey.