Hello from Brazil!


Hey all! I’m Nina and I just wanted to introduce myself to the community, I normally don’t post a lot in forums and social media, but it is always good to say hello when you are new in town, right? Hehe :smile:

I’m a jeweller based in São Paulo and work in my home workshop, where sometimes I do some shamisen related projects, maintenance and repair for my fellow shamisen players. I’m learning to sing Min’yō and play the shamisen since the beginning of this year, and after every class and training session my passion and admiration for it grows stronger - it is amazing how much you can get emotionally invested! Right now I’m just starting to learn Tsugaru, very excited :sparkles:

Here we have a huge Japanese community which makes Japanese culture and events, in general, a bit more accessible to us, such as Min’yō taikais, festivals and so. We even have someone who makes shamisen for us (and that replaces the skin, thankfully, that’s a thing I wouldn’t dare doing by myself and I’m terrified of the day I will need to have it done :pray: ), using some of the amazing wood we have available in Brazil.
… Btw, there are any other Brazilian around here? I think I saw a post of someone I know some time ago, during my lurking days.

I always hear from both my sensei that the Min’yō community used to be huge in here some decades ago and that nowadays our generation will be responsible to keep it alive, so I’m always very glad to see so many people from all over the world playing, making and admiring shamisen and other traditional instruments.

That’s it, I talk too much lol :woman_facepalming:
Thanks for having me! Hahaha


Hello Nina, how are you? I am also from Brazil.
Maybe we could meet and practice shamisen together.



Hey Nico!
Yeah, that would be great! Are you from São Paulo? =)


OMG wait. I know who you are!!
Very funny, Nicolas, you can’t hide from my lurking skills hahahaha :laughing:


Hello Nina,
Welcome to Bachido
You’re lucky to have a big community like this. in your country :slight_smile: