Hello from Japan

Hi. Please introduce myself here. I’m Japanese shamisen player and play not only tsugaru shamisen but also nagauta shamisen. I’ve played them for 4 years and learnt until last Augst.
Now I play it by myself.
Nice to meet you!


Welcome! Nice to meet you too. :smile:

Since you have played for four years, do you have a favorite song?

‘Nanbu tawaratsumiuta’ I love. Thanks to this song which I listened to on youtube I decided to start playing tsugaru jamisen.

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Hello, and welcome to Bachido!

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Hello! Nice to meet you! Hope you will like it here on Bachido :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community!
Well I’m new as well, living in japan and just started few days ago playing shamisen “Tsugaru”.
If you have advices are pretty welcome!