Hello from Portugal!


Hi to everybody!

Introducing myself to the community (since i didnt made it before XD)
I´m Bruno born in Brazil and recently moved to Lisbon in Portugal.

I work with IT as a Database Admin, but to disconnect from the computer world I often practice Archery (historical bow) and play Shamisen.

When I was in Brazil I had many friends to play Shamisen together and also go to events.

Well, I had to move to Lisbon for work and I meet a great Shamisen player Hibiki Ichikawa. We talked a bit and I managed to get a Shamisen to play here in Portugal (YAYYY!!!)
Now I can practice Shamisen and thats good for sure.
Unfortunately, I don’t think the japanese culture (musical) are very big here.
I now people playing Shamisen in Spain, Germany, UK. but not in Portugal.
If you live in Portugal and play Shamisen, please lets talk and play together!!

I hope I can find Shamisen enthusiasts here in Portugal.

Thankyou all!!!
Stay Sharp!!


Welcome :musical_note::notes:

If you’re looking for other players in Portugal you might want to add yourself to the Map of Users :world_map::+1:t3: (the link is in the menu)


Heeey Bruno!

Nice to see you in here! It’s great that you can keep playing in Portugal, and perhaps more shamisen players will show up in Lisbon to join you :blush:

Our friends are always mentioning you, it’s a shame I didn’t have the opportunity to play and get to know you better! Maybe in the future when you visit us? =D


Hello Bruno,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Takashi. I have been living in Lisbon, Portugal for 20years.
I have just joined this community to send this message to you.

I coordinate Japan stand for BTL(Bolsa de Turismo de Lisboa) with JTB(Japan travel Bureau).
We are looking for a Shamisen Player who can perform in the coming event at our Japan stand( March 10-14) Maybe twice a day for 2days. Each session of 30-to 45mins.If you are interested in please let me know. I would like to listen you playing. Is there anyway I can see or listen you playing? Thank you. Obrigado.

Takashi Sugimoto


Hello Takashi!!

Sorry for late response, These weeks was crazy in my job.

Well, I only know a feel Minyo musics like Soran Bushi and Tanko Bushi nothing special at all. I wish I could play some Shamisen in this event, but unfortunatelly I´m not sure if I will be in Lisbon on this date.

I have some videos on Instagram if you want to check. @nikoo_calegas

Hope you have a good week!

Bruno Calegari