Help finding the name of shamisen player from NBS record!

nippon broadcasting system traditional japanese music volume 2

is the name of the recording. It features some very unique shamisen playing and I’d like to credit the artists as I’m learning the pieces from the album!

I have found no way of contacting the company to find the performers names. Impossible challenge!

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Hi Chris,
I had a look at the playlist on Spotify, and while I don’t know who the specific players are in the recordings you mention, the tracks are all traditional pieces from non-folk styles like kouta, hauta, nagauta, and jiuta.
For example, The first track, “Oise mairi” is a kouta about a pilgrimage to the shrine at Ise.
The second track is a hauta called “Ootsue”, with lyrics that connect to Buddhist paintings from the city of Otsu. Here is a version of it with vocals:

You can probably find other versions of most of the tracks on YouTube just by searching by the romanized titles on Spotify.

Thanks Gerry! Yes I’m familiar with the songs themselves mostly and have heard other versions of the pieces, I was just wanting the names of the musicians!