[HELP] In need of tabs for Nara Minyo

Hi everyone! First time posting here! Since the quarantine began in my country (Argentina) I’ve been doing a bit of a challenge: a new song per day. It’s been really fun and even though I have tons of things to polish, I think its been helpful.

So, here is the thing: I have the entire collection of the Fujimoto Books and I couldn’t find a single minyo song from Nara! Looking through the internet, I did find some songs but wasn’t able to find the tabs for them…and I’m not that skilled to play by ear for now.

My goal is to reach the 250 songs by the end of november, so it would be really nice to have songs from all the prefectures by then! If anyone has a lead or guidance on this, it is more than welcome!

And since I’m here, I’ll leave my instagram