Hibiki in Japan?


Anyway to get Hibiki in Japan? I’m looking for a cheaper synthetic option for my traveling instrument.


You-4 appears to carry Hibiki but isn’t there a Japanese (I mean in Japan) branch of the Bachido store? I think I remember seeing it mentioned in a thread but I cannot find it now.


Hi Luke! My partner in Japan skins with Hibiki. :slight_smile: My partner charges 30,000 yen for two sides. (A bit more expensive since I send the Hibiki skins to him from California) Feel free to write me if you’d like to arrange skinning with him.


How about the front side only?


The front side is 21,000 yen, the back side is 15,000 yen.


It looks like this page just refers you to the US bachido.com page.


It says, 「優宝が日本での販売元となります。」Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t that mean they’re an authorized dealer for Japan?