Hibiki size/measurement?

I have a question regarding the Hibiki size. I can’t find anywhere saying exactly how big they are. Like, I’m thinking I need the tsugaru size (because it’s likely the largest), but I’m building kind of a custom project, and without knowing the size of the skin, I’m worried that it might be too small.

Could somebody, anybody, measure that for me? Or if anybody just knows off the top of their head. Measurements in cm or in (or even sun, I guess) are fine.



It depends on how much skin you want to “overflow” over the rim. I will be skinning a tsugaru dou that measures 21,3x19,3cm and based on that, I wouldn´t go any smaller than 28 or even 29x26cm. It is better to have a bit more, because you also need the clamps to hold on to something.
Also, I am not quite sure if there is a recommended thickness for the skin. I used 0,6mm goat vellum on another shamisen and it worked fine. Hope that helps a bit with your project.

Sorry, I don´t know why I was thinking about natural skin! :smile: I have no experience whatsoever with hibiki. Since hibiki is a fabric, I would imagine that it can be custom cut. Maybe try contacting Kyle Abbot?

I might have to go the natural skin route. I didn’t realize I needed that much overflow, but it makes a lot of sense. You’ve helped a lot, actually. If I go the goat skin route, I now know how much overflow and the thickness. So, thanks!

I’m not sure how to contact Kyle Abbott. Hopefully, he browses the forums, eh?

Thanks, again!

Hehe, well either you can boldly summon him up to this thread through the power of the @ or just use the “Contact Bachido” from the site :wink: Good luck with your project!