Hibiki's resistance to humidity and temperature changes

I am a proud new owner of the beautiful Raven shamisen from Bachido. (not here yet, it is being made as we speak)
My question is, what’s everyone’s experience with it? I travel for work and often times I end up in places that are VERY humid and hot, then upon my return to Canada, I’m back to the fairly cold weather. Have you guys seen any difference in the hibiki’s performance? My old shamisen has dog skin on it and I am being VERY careful not to expose it to the elements. I understand the hibiki is very sturdy but would like to hear from people who already have it, what their experiences are.


I’m pretty sure that the Raven is Hibiki rather than Ripple, right? I’ve heard Kyle state that Hibiki can be played in the rain, so I would think the skin will hold up well. I’ve wondered about the glue, though. Since Hibiki has to be stretched so tightly, will the glue hold up to the hot/humid/cold cycles?

Ah right, hibiki! Haha, darn! Must edit post before too many people notice!