Hiki vs Tataki Playing


Hi all!
So I was reading Gerry McGoldrick’s dissertation on tsugaru shamisen (which is absolutely amazing by the way), and I noticed an interesting point which I hadn’t given a whole lot of thought to.
With Takahashi Chikuzan’s lighter, more plucking style of using the bachi replaced by Kida Rinshoue’s harder tataki bachi in everyday and tournament Tsugaru playing, I’m just wondering if anyone these days still uses the old hiki method. Come to think of it I’ve only ever heard it in Takashi Chikuzan’s recordings.
Is it still at all a thing in Tsugaru? :stuck_out_tongue: I love the percussive snap of the regular way (after all I do Tataki bachi too) but I’m just wondering if anyone still does the other way.