Hirosaki Taikai 2019: Bachido Members and other notable Performances


Hi Guys!

I know there are already some threads about the Taikai. But as last year, I thought about creating a summarizing thread with the Bachido Members, and maybe other players that are nice to point out.

Day 1
(HOT!) Waseda Daigakku Tsugaru Shamisen Ai-Kohkai, Group A Category Winners:

Shishido’s Group, Group C Category Winners:

Matej, Solo Middle C Category:

Komada Sayo, Solo A Category Women Winner:

Honda Rin (I’m a personal fan of hers ^^), Solo A Category Women:

Day 2
My Humble self, Solo B Category:

José, Solo B Category:

Kyle, Solo A Category Men:

Kanno Yuuto, Solo A Category Men Winner:

Nakamura Yuuta, Singing-Accompaniment A Category Winner:

Post more if you want and I’ll add them to this list.



I love how the guy in the classy outfit at 3:54:26 seems to rock the tournament with his bachi slaps but no one hears because the audio is turned off for some reason. I’ve never seen anything this funny and sad at the same time.


Also, holy shit Andreas! I absolutely love your playing style -super smooth and basically asmr! Fantastic performance! DD: :grinning:


Yeah there were unfortunately some problems with the recording equipment apparently -.-

Hehe thanks alot, however that was kind of the problem, though. It should be loud and not ASMR at all. Somebody told me “it should feel like the heat of a lightning” :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing this…


No Problem, I like to summarize the contest ^^

Day 1 is online again! I added Matej, Shishidos Group and many more!


Sweet!! Thanks for making this summary, Andreas!! :smiley:
I’ve gotta say once more, I love your final note! (Your whole performance was great too, of course)


Such great perfomances and thank you for uploading and “sorting” it.

I have to say, Andreas, that I really like the dynamics and “ornamentation” of your playing style. Very pleasant to listen to.