Hirosaki Taikai, Live on Ustream!

Everybody! Thanks to our good buddy Lihao, I got the link for the live streaming broadcast of the Hirosaki Taikai! Cheer us on, yeah?

Even if you don’t want to cheer us on (what are you, some kind of asshole panda?), it’ll still be a great way to see some of the world’s best shamisen players. If you’ve only got a little bit of time to spare, I would highly recommend tuning in on the second day. Das when the pros come out, and we’re talking Yoshida bros, Sibata sibs, Kmetz singles and whatnot. And it’s all free!

Awesome! Thanks

I remember staying up last time to watch this, it was awesome!

No way I can stay up as it’s my only night of sleep and day off tomorrow … sunday 3 30 am berlin vienna zurich time according to my calculation … 10 30 am japan … I hope for some videos for on demand watching to be available on the ustream page afterwards like it was also last year …

So stoked to have seen a glimpse of jamie low solo today though … Without any time idea or plan i tried out the ustream link sometime while waiting at the taxi stand and who do i see sitting next to the current live player? The above mentioned! Waiting for his turn and then the cell phone connection was shaky for a while and a taxi guest got in but the one minute or so somewhere in the middle of the performance that i saw looked and sounded awesome … :slight_smile:

damn no videos on ustream so far but rumors are bachido won … :slight_smile:

anyone watched live? Or does youtube have anything with a japanese title?

I watched it following the link ! What happened for you, BH ?

Btw, may someone tell us who in bachido team has performed individually and in which class ? Thanks

I needed to sleep that night the live stream was working when i watched it a bit saturday morning yeah what i meant though was that last year the ustream page then also had videos of the stream to watch anytime i hope such videos of this years stream will be made available soon …

BH, it looks like all the videos are up now. Thanks to Lihao for doing this, it was really great to be able to see so much of the taikai. And congratulations to everyone on Team Bachido for getting first place!

Lihao produced this? That is truly awesome … ! I guess nevermind my technical difficulties … I only have internet access via phone at this time and for some reason no videos show up on the page as if they were blocked for access by cell phone I dont know and the shaky connection often throws me out of the clip completely when i try to watch via the suboptimal ustream app through which the videos do show up … Just a drag cause youtube for example is working fine on my phone …

Haha, sorry, I feel like I gotta clear something up. Lihao didn’t produce this, I just got the link from him. The live streaming was handled by this guy Inoue Daisuke. He doesn’t play shamisen himself, but he’s from Ajigasawa in the Tsugaru region, and he’s friends with a lot of shamisen players.

also awesome … :slight_smile: