Home remedies for slippery Itomaki?


I wet my itomaki but it didn’t seems to be enough… I also tried Kyle’s trick: scrape some rosin with a knife and put it with a Q-tips in the hole and on the tip of the itomaki.

Now I can at least play a few minutes in a row before having to tune my shamisen again. The itomakis stays in their hole much more longer.

Just can’t wait for spring to come! Opening the window and welcoming fresh air and a little more humidity will help a lot I hope.


I found my ichi no ito wasn’t tuning properly because the string was pressing against the head of the shamisen preventing the itomaki from tuning past a certain point and even popping out!


That might’ve actually been my problem… after properly tuning again, there seems to be no more slipping. The spring weather might also be helping. Thanks David!


Just curious about the toothpaste tip… Has anyone tried it in the last 3 years?

(as it seems the last post on this conversation was 3 years ago).