How do you store your shamisen?

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Wondering, how do you all store your shamisen?
Any tips for storage/care?

Currently, mine is sitting out on a guitar stand, and it’s making me so anxious.! I can’t find a cheap yet decent case, so alternatives (or cheap case recommendations) are very welcome!

The store owner told me it’s best to keep the Shamisen laying on its back to help alleviate some of the pressure on the strings and Itomaki. Definitely get a case. In the mean time, try to keep it out of sun light as well.

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Avoid direct sunlight on the skin. Try to keep the humidity and temperature stable.

I store my instrument lying down in hard cases. The bodies are in washi-paper bags. I will often wrap the neck in a saofuki if I am traveling for extra protection, but that’s not necessary. On the other hand, I will put the whole shamisen in a large fabric bag called a nagabukuro for extra safety if it’s looking like rain.

Do not store your instrument with the koma in place. Be careful when you remove it so as not to damage the bachigawa.

You can store them straight up if you like. Traditional cupboards and stands do so. If you store them at an angle, make sure the tenjin is resting on something to keep the weight evenly distributed.

You can lower tension on the strings if you like, but it’s not very necessary.


mine is hanging on the wall, with no tension on the strings and a washi-bag to protect the dou …

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