How to read these notations


I got my starter shamisen just a few days ago, and I am going through the amazing tutorial Mr. Kyle Abbott has kindly shared with us. I found some tablatures and I am wondering how are these played out?
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I understand the hachiki (sounding with your left fingers) but the number 3 and the “brackets” confuse me.
I couldnt find any materials or videos covering these types of tablatures. If someone can tell me or point me to the right direction, help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi and welcome to the ShamiFamily! Good questions! The bracket with the “3” indicates that those three notes are played as a “triplet”. You have to time those notes differently from notes that are not in such a triplet-formation. If you want, I can explain it further, but maybe that’ll be more confusing than helping. If you’ve never heard of the term before and don’t want to get technical, I recommend watching Kyle’s demonstration over here:

The second question: This is an upstroke. I made a short video to show how to play it:

I hope that helps!


Ah I see. Thank you for your reply. I had a hunch that these were the case, but I am glad I got the confirmation. Now to hunt for tablatures!