Kyle. One question. How?


Similarly I wonder, how’d his strings survive two years? :stuck_out_tongue:


As someone with (almost as many) shamisen as Kyle, I suspect it has a lot to do with that :p.


Ohhh haha, that thought did not even cross my mind, thanks * (o´艸`)ムフフ


Haha! I don’t understand it either! Switching shamisen probably makes the most difference. I’ve only started playing that Eclipse again in the past 6 months, after putting Hibiki on it. (Since then, I’ve been playing it almost exclusively, until I put Hibiki on the other shimshams). I finally changed the strings when notches were forming around position 8 and 10 (or somewhere around there). Note, not where the bachi struck, but on the sao! It started getting annoying when my fingernail caught on the notch as I slid, so that’s why I finally changed. Oh my, I forgot how good fresh strings sound! Seems funny to say, but it sounds more like a shamisen now. :stuck_out_tongue: