I got to teach about shamisen to students at the Asia Society of Texas

It’s a bit blurry but thats me in the chair. Long story short, I’ve been in contact with a memeber of the ASTC who’s also learning to play shamisen, and last week we had time to meet up. There was a student group visiting at the time, and I was asked to demonstrate shamisen and teach a bit about it and my reasons for wanting to learn it. All in all, it was a great experience and I hope to be able to do more stuff like this in the future!


Wow!! That’s so wonderful, Kimetsu! I’m so glad you’re helping to spread shamisen culture to the youth of tomorrow! Please keep it going! :smiley:


Thanks! They actually really liked it, and I hope at least one of them was interested enough to hopefully want to learn it.

I’m thinking about applying for work at the ASTC after my school semester is up, and hopefully I’ll get the chance to show more to others. I want others to want to learn more about shamisen. It’s a beautiful instrument and I feel it has so much potential. I hope that I can help other people see that potential.

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Hopefully they will! Truly, if you can get just one interested person (or two), you could possibly start up a shamisen club if it can work in your schedule. :slight_smile: A shamisen club is not only fun (as a way to enjoy shamisen with friends), but also starting small makes it manageable and builds a deeper connection between the regular members. Sorry, I’m thinking ahead too far for you! :laughing:

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