I have a Shamisen that I needs an appraisal

I would be grateful for any help in appraising this Shamisen that I inherited. I will be selling it. I will post some pictures. Thank you very much. I know it is a really good one because everyone at his music school liked the tone very much.

If you show me pictures of the neck and body I may be able to appraise the wood type and identify additional useful or enticing features. As it stands I think I see some tochi - which is always a good sign. If at all possible, give me a close up of the front skin.

Please measure the instrument’s footprint from tip to tip. Do not worry about the curve of the tenjin, just the actual length of it’s footprint.

Additionally, please measure the fingerboard’s width just below the chibukura.

Then, measure the dou’s length and width. Do not account for the curve, measure the flat.

For these second and third measurements, I have included a guide. The yellow-green line shows where to measure.

Finally, please show me some good pictures of the various accessories. Particularly the bachi and koma.

Thanks for the help! I have about 20n pics I can send you. Do I need to send them to an email or can I post them all on this site?


You can post them here, but the website sometimes has trouble with multi-uploads.

Why not add them to a google drive and post the link here?