I present you my Electronic Wagakki Project


I am currently working on a new music project in which I’m trying to mix traditional Japanese instruments with modern electronic sounds.

As I still don’t own a real Shamisen I’m working with the most realistic virtual instruments I could find in the market so far. The melodies are still pretty simple but I want to be improving them as the project grows.

I am also open for collaboration in case somebody wants to put a real shamisen line on one of my songs or wants us to write a complete new song together, I can do anything else, bass, drums, synths… and of course japanese additional sounds like Taiko, Shakuhachi or Koto.

I hope you enjoy it and I’ll be updating contents and sharing it with this great community :slight_smile:


Hey oonabe, This is great!! I really like this kind of music you created!
Keep it up! :grinning:

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Thanks a lot Connor, my aim is to write 8 to 10 songs by the end of this year so I can kind of publish an album or something similar, I hope I manage to do this and who knows, by then maybe I even own a shamisen and can record some parts with a real one :slight_smile:

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I want to be the first to purchase you’re first album!

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Haha, thanks again Connor, actually I’ll be giving it for free and maybe just put some “donate” option when I upload the final version somewhere. But I’ll let you know the first when I finish it :slight_smile:

The sound quality is very, very impressive. You should definetly own a shamisen 'cause is really great to mix electronic beats with real instruments. I also do this, but currently in a Lo-Fi quality. Maybe we could share some info about music production and of course musical collaboration.
You can hear a pre-production of mine in SoundCloud. I recently followed you as “Ten Oxhearding songs”.

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Thanks Nico, I’m following you back on SC now, very nice sounds you have in your song. Now I really want to get a real Shamisen.
I’m actually waiting for some news at my work and if they’re good I might be getting one pretty soon.

Yeah, we can share any infos and collaborate, maybe using private messages here or on Soundcloud or whatever you think the best option is :slight_smile:

Sehr gut… haha…now I saw that you’re from Germany. Wie Geht es Innen?
We’ll keep in touch, maybe by e-mail it would be better (nicolas_villaverde01@yahoo.com.br).
Danke Schön.

O brigado Nico,

ja, I live in Germany for a long time now but I’m actually from Spain. Your name sounds also Spanish to me but seeing your email I guess you are from Brazil (?). Anyways, I’ll write you a message now so we can keep in contact and talk about music and see if we can do some nice shamisen song together in the future :slight_smile:

Interesting…Im sure someone out could contribute…

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I didn’t know you live in Germany! My great grandparents are from Germany so I have a lot of German in me. Wow, I would have never guesed. I’m American by the way.

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Cool, I really like Germany, and America too, wanted to move there in the past, but it is way more difficult than moving inside the European Union, but who knows, maybe some day, I hope I’ll need a lot of donations to my music to dare that step though :sweat_smile:

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