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But would you mark down how to play “awa odori” I think I would be able to play with regular beats and repetitive notes. Thank you Kyle
P.S. nagauta shamisen.
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Welcome to Bachido, Ross.
I don’t have the notation for “Awa Odori” but I used to play with a group of transplants from Tokushima when I lived in Kyoto - they practiced all year so that they could go back home and dance and play as a group during the Awa Odori festival.
It’s a very simple four-beat repeated pattern: [2 / 2 0 /2 /3], played in sansagari , and the fingering is all done on the third string, though you can strum all of the strings on the down strokes if you like.
It’s played like this:
2(long)/ 2(sukui, short); 0 (hajiki, short)/ 2(long) /3 (sukui, long)
Your plectrum plays a steady “down, up, down, up” motion, but because of the hajiki it ends up sounding like “chin chiri chin chin, chin chiri chin chin.”

A tip for posts: if your title contained the words “Awa Odori” I would have found it sooner, and people would be able to search for it more easily later.