I see a lack in sound samples for usual shamisen-education-books


i hope this will be new enough to get some attention …

as a greenhorn in playing the shamisen i started to collect some “easy education literature”. unfortunately there’s no book to get that provides a cd or maybe online media to get a sound sample for the songs in there. it seems to be a matter of luck to find something suitable on youtube for instance. what do you think about starting a collection of samples by experienced players for those who want to learn?


Hi Kay,

Oh, I’m glad you mentioned that! Actually, I used to have a section called ‘Index of Songs’ on the old site which had recordings of all the songs in Shamisen of Japan, as well as many minyo. Nuts, I’ll have to ask my brother where we can host them now.

I’ll let you know when we get it set up again! :slight_smile:


thanks a lot, kyle! this “index” would be very helpful in case of your book’s content. unfortunately there is nothing comparable to find for other books. may i post some links to books (and content-lists) i bought?


in the book i’m currently working with there’s a children song called “choocho”. with some small changes it is possible to play the german folk- or children song “hänschen klein”. may be i’ll post a sound sample within the next days. nothing special but interesting for a shamisen-greenhorn like me …


still i’m a beginner, so please don’t mind the bad quality … https://flic.kr/p/2eSbrKG


Bravo! :clap: That is very good!


thanks a lot, connor! it is nothing special but i think it funny to play a widely known german folk song on an exotic instrument as the shamisen - or in my case a wooden gottan - is