If anyone plays a sanshin you ned to play this song

This is a song that any sanshin player needs to play. I was online watching a person playing the sanshin and he covered this song. his youtube channel is : (the gosamaru) if your interested. here’s the video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-IE4h9THAc

Oo I LOVE his version of Matryoshka! This one’s great too tho haha

Very cool! I wondered if he thought he was playing the William Tell Overture or the theme from Lone Ranger then I do believe he wrote ハイヨーシルバー! for “Hi yo Silver!”, correct? (Just learning Katakana here.)

He did write that, but also that he tried to play the ウィリアム・テル序曲 (uiriamu teru jokyoku) or “William tell overture” in the title :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually the song is really Amazing! :slight_smile:

I wonder if someone could play it