Introduction to Bachido Community


Hi folks
just thought I would introduce myself on the forum
I make and play guitars of a sort , namely cigar box guitars also with three strings
Im here because I came across a shamisen , (yes you guessed right ) on ebay and I couldn’t resist the urge to buy it ,theres just something to that sound that draws you in.
Anywho’s ,it does need repair , needs reskining missing the bachi and the bridge , sorry havn’t got the terminology weighed up yet, nothing that I cant tackle .
I’ve been browsing the forum very interesting .
I’ll post some pics later of what needs to be done.
Woodbutcher Extrordinaire


Welcome! :wave:

I admire your bravery to “just do it” :grin: I think you’ll be very happy, shamisen are awesome instruments.

Bridge = koma; you can learn all the terminology by checking out the free crash course in the Bachido schoolhouse. :nerd_face:


Thanks for the directions, I’m still fumbling around the site to find what I’m looking for.