Irish music on Shamisen


Hi Bachido,

we are having another concert here in Yokohama. This time playing Irish jigs, reels and hornpipes…Irish music suits shamisen quite well. Its a bit challenging tho, because of the speed and similarity of the tunes, but its so much fun…

I will be joined by two friends; Harumi on Celtic harp and Masa on piano and I will play shamisen… This concert is very special for me, because I spent around 8 years living in Ireland and now while practicing I am having loads of flashbacks and memory comebacks …hmmm so many friends and places and stories and …well… feeling a bit nostalgic…

we will actually play two concerts, one in Kamata, Tokyo on Friday 3月6日 and the other here in Kanazawa Bunko, Yokohama on Sunday 3月8日… so if anybody living near is interested check out the poster or send me a message for more information…


Matej (aka Sid)



I do hope someone films this for the rest of us to enjoy!


Irish shamisen is awesome. Sid we need to meet sometime and play some Irish music! I also want someone to film this!


Very Awesome to hear about this! Sounds very exciting!


ok, i will try to make a short video for you guys…hmm there has not been any Bachido blogcast lately, so perhaps its time for a new episode … cheers


Oh man! I wish I could be there! I’m sure this will be extra special and natsukashii for you, Matej. If you have a second Irish Shamisen concert in June, I will be there, for sure!

Ah yes, I got a little burned out of doing the weekly blogcasts, but I have been thinking about getting back into something regular. Whether it be a Bachido blog or a youtube blogcast. Anywho, yes indeed, perhaps it’s time for a new episode. :slight_smile: