Is it ok to still order a ShamiBuddy? (covid?)

Hello there!
I am new to this community and would like to participate in the wonderful learnings of the shamisen! <3
I would love to place an order for the ShamiBuddy but with the recent events of the covid virus I was wondering if the store was still operational and is able to mail the order?
I do not want to cause stress or place anyone in a vulnerable position just to mail this and i want to be respectful of your possible store hours/availability cuz of this situation!!

I hope everyone is well and doing their best during these time!!

-Rala (she/they)


See this thread: Shamibuddy Shipping Question

You can also email Kyle/the store address if you wish to confirm.


oh thank you so much!! <3

I went ahead and just placed an order for it! :blush:
I’m gonna try and gather up some resources and study a bit while I wait for it to arrive~
ahhh so excited!

There aren’t many passenger flights at the moment, which means that there’s less cargo capacity. I ordered mine at the end of March, but only received it last week. It took five weeks to make it to London the long way around, via San Francisco and Tokyo.

Ahhhh that long wait must have been tough!!
I’m glad you were finally able to receive it though~
I guess I’m a bit lucky since I’m in the same state as the shop haha;;
I’m hoping to receive mine sometime next week!! ahh!!

You’ll be fine then - as long as USPS is still around!