Is this guy using a Chuzao shamisen as a Tsugaru style?


So I was looking around on youtube, and I came across some video of Kurona Motofuji’s old troupe before he formed the visualKei band “CrowXClass”. If you guys don’t know, Kurona is the brother of Hiroshi Motofuji, the man responsible for the Taiko in the Naruto soundtrack, and Kurona is the lead vocalist in CrowXClass and the Taiko drummer in Wagakki band. He used to be in a more traditional troupe though. I came across a video of his old group, and this one song particularly interested me. It was a duet of Katsugi Okedaiko, and Tsugaru Shamisen. Only, the Shamisen sounds a bit different and seems to have a smaller neck, smaller tuning pegs, and a smaller body. Because of the size of the pegs though, it leads me to think it’s a Chuzao. But he seems to be playing it fast. Can anyone tell me how he probably pulled off playing a normal Chuzao as a Tsugaru Shamisen?
Link to video:


I’m not sure, but to me, it looks like tsugaru…as for the sound, it’s hard to tell, through the microphone, it loses its authentic sound anyway…

I have chuzao shamisen myself. Tuning pegs are smaller than this, and this dou looks fairly big.

Not sure how other people find this???


I assume this is the same guy???

It’s clear he’s using tsugaru.


Yeah. I saw the other videos too after some searching xD


Old thread but I had to tell my opinion. Those pegs are big. looks like they are acrylic because you can kinda see the light shining through.


But maybe it’s only a different type of structure in the shamisen. Maybe it’s only a different model, but the same tsugaru… Can be I right?