ISO purchasing a Shamisen and bachi for my son

I’d like to purchase a shamisen and bachi for my son. Not sure where to begin but know that we wanted one with a synthetic skin. He’s eager to learn this instrument and may start off by picking up a few tips online.

We wondered if we could go to your store to learn more and possibly walk out with what he’ll need.

We live in SF and I believe you’re in Santa Clara?

Please advise.


You should message @Kyle_Abbott :slightly_smiling_face:

eta: you might not want to leave your phone number on a public forum

If you are talking to Kyle Abbott, no store front and he drives over from Santa Cruz to downtown San Jose Japan Town when giving a live lesson to a group.

I think you have to check his online store portion of the website…
He commutes for the lesson from Santa Cruz…

Thank you for letting me know.

Thank you!for the info.