Ito Size Compilation (thickness in mm)

Hey minasan!

I saw lots of discussions regarding ito 糸 (string) sizes and equivalency in mm. I couldn’t find a pattern, BUT I found some good info by exploring Rakuten Japanese online shop. :smiley:

Link: Airtable

This compilation is according to the Sonica store in Rakuten.

  • Size (standard + mm)
  • Style (Jiuta not included, don’t know why)
  • Material (Silk, Tetoron, Nylon)
  • Brand

The sizes vary accordingly to brand.

This might help those looking for equivalent fishing line/guitar string sizes! :smiley:

Feel free to ask for other sizes not included in this list, I’ll try my best to research them and update the list!

P.S.: Added the Kanjis of brands in case any of you want to research directly in Japanese online stores =)