Itogura repair with wood-filler?


The bottom half of my itogura (no azuma sawari type) next to the kamigora
has a huuuge chip creating a strange sawari (i.e. if tuned to honchoshi, all the strings buzz
if played).

Will wood-filler work to fill in this chip?

(*Chip due to shamisen arriving with tenjin broken in two, the luthier I sent it to
was a guitar repairer and couldn’t fill in the chip caused by the breaking…

Thank you in advance

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Hey there.

Wood filler would restore the surface, BUT if there is a strange sawari and buzzing, it might be that the luthier didn’t repair it properly in the first place and the tenjin was left at an “odd” angle, which might create such sound?

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Hi Jan,

Thank you,

Perhaps , well he did try his best, the tenjin is aligned perfectly, but he couldnt do much about the itogura…

By the by, which filler is recommended: Quikwood or Kwikwood by JB?

Update Jan 5 2021: Quikwood used! But despite two coats of the epoxy, the ichi-no-ito keeps scraping it off while playing …